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At Laughingstock, we've weathered our fair share of challenges that come with the territory of this sport. Through it all, we've learned to embrace the ups and downs, finding humor in our adventures and striving to create something special for fellow enthusiasts. Drawing upon over 30 years of experience, we're eager to share our insights and collaborate with you. We're thrilled to have Morris Fly Co. join us on this exciting journey to give you a complete set up and get out on the water!



From the mountain rivers to lowland streams and creeks, trout fishing enchants anglers from around the globe.  We have developed equipment and techniques to help make your fishing adventure truly memorable!

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Warm Freshwater

When people think "fly-fishing," trout is usually the first fish to come to mind.  Fishing for bass and other warmer water fish is incredibly addictive and creates intense top-water action to get that adrenaline spiking!

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Take to the seas!  Saltwater fly-fishing can easily produce 0nce-in-a-lifetime catches.  We're here to help you secure bragging rights for years to come!

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Let our experiences make yours better!